ASC   Global G.A.P.  

Showing product origins create trust.

The "Aquaculture Stewardship Council" or ASC has been in existence since 2010. Among other things, it is a non-profit organization initiated by the WWF to implement global standards of responsible fish farming. In a very short time, it has become a certification authority with worldwide acceptance.

Fair to the ocean.

All certifications and audits for the ASC are carried out and published by independent experts. Farming and production companies follow the ASC's regulations. TopSea exclusively uses fish with the ASC label. Currently, the ASC still has no defined parameters for prawns, which is why TopSea abides by the global G.A.P. standard for its raw ingredients.

As a pioneer of sustainability, we are particularly pleased to have received the certification number ASC-C-00001 from the ASC!


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