Bacon-wrapped barramundi

Ingredients for two:
- ca. 300g TopSea barramundi fillets
- 6 strips of bacon (ca. 80g)
- 3 tbsp frying oil (e.g. maze germ oil)

Preparation time: 10 min.


Cut the thawed barramundi fillets or fillet portions into pieces of 50 - 80 g. Pat the fillet pieces thoroughly dry with a paper towel, then wrap a strip of bacon around each piece. Seasoning is not necessary since the bacon is spicy enough. Heat the frying oil in a nonstick frying pan. Gently place the wrapped fillet pieces into the frying pan and fry them on both sides on medium heat for ca. three minutes until the bacon is slightly crispy.

Bacon-wrapped barramundi goes excellently with asparagus dishes, and it is also an extraordinary garnish on salads or can be served with simple mashed potato.